Clan fundado por Blue y CyberOdin 02/01/2012 bajo el nombre de End Game, Una nueva generacion de selectos jugadores nace, quebrantando desafios y reuniendo hazaƱas
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 Hi Guys, It's SnowCristal Here!

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PostSubject: Hi Guys, It's SnowCristal Here!   Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:16 pm

Hi! I'ts SnowCristal there!
My real name is Aurora and i'm an Italian Player Very Happy
I've nothing of worthy about me, but I can say that i really love to use gimmick or uncommon mons in the OU Tier, just cuz it's fun!
My achievements uhm....

Peaked #1 on PO 2 Times in BW OU, 3 Times in XY/ORAS OU and one time second with 1714 Ladder.
Also Peaked #1 on SD 2 Times in ORAS OU.
Won a SmogonTour BW and Did 2nd place POWC last year....
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PostSubject: Re: Hi Guys, It's SnowCristal Here!   Fri Apr 17, 2015 10:45 pm

Welcome SnowCrystal :] I hope you the passes well in the clan and the forum, I am delighted that we already have someone in the clan who likes competitive in forums like me.

Some can count on my support for whatever Very Happy
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Hi Guys, It's SnowCristal Here!
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